2009-05-11 09:40 pm

(no subject)

There are so many things I feel like putting in here for the quiet opening of my new journal, but nothing concrete. Nothing particularly catchy either. Lately the whole being serious about my own business thing has been an all-consuming endeavour and one that's probably not at all interesting for people to hear me drone on about. "Oh yeah I want a name that brings to mind a classic, vintage company, like Trifari."

I sound like a douchebag.

Still, nothing can very well stop me from continuing to dream of becoming a household name that goes hand in hand with 'shiny things that almost anyone can afford and, if you can't, I'll totally try to work something out.' I've known people to have signature pieces of jewelry they wear. That's the sort of stuff I'd like to make. :3 If this makes me egotistical, so be it.

Twilight is absoutely abominable. Just so you know.